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 Whether it’s your pool,  home filtration system, or water well – for residential, commercial, even your hunting camp…Blankenstein’s has your water treatment needs covered.

Keeping Your Home Hydrated & Safe.

Residential Filtration Solutions and Water Well Treatment

Safe water – It’s one thing we all need to live. Whether it’s rural well water, or you on on a city water from a municipal treatment facility, Blankenstein’s has a wide range of comprehensive filtration systems to keep your H20 pure and clear. In addition with the systems, we offer installs, service, or replacement services. If your hard water has you in a hard place, it’s time to give Blankenstein’s a call.

We have a solution for every water issue: Hard Water • Acid Water • Metallic Taste • Murky or Discolored Water • Odors • Bacteria • Salt Water • Common Contaminants from Lead, Chlorine, Iron, Magnanese • And More


Designed to trial all water going into your home from the water main. The filtration system is installed in your water line, near to the point of water entry to your home. All water must flow through this system, which protects you from any outside contamination. This type of system is useful if you have concerns about lead, chlorine or have trouble with hard water.


Want to make sure your water is a pure as possible at certain spots in your home? A filter under your kitchen sink that is used to provide clean, pure water for drinking, cooking and washing dishes is an example of a Point-Of-Use Filtration System. Sometimes, a Point-Of-Use filter before water enters your water heater is necessary to reduce sludge build-up and helps your appliance last longer.


Wells require regular maintenance for the best water quality and performance. Whether it’s a home or hunting camp, commercial or residential, our water well treatments can make your water clean, clear, and refreshing. From well inspections and water testing, to pump repair/replacement or well cleaning, our Maintenance Professionals can have your well back to top-notch performance!


If you have questions, always talk to the experts. And as Miss-Lou natives, we are familiar with the many water issues that you may be facing.
Our skilled technicians can evaluate your home or business and your water supply, helping you make an informed decision on which systems will work best for your needs in the long-term, avoiding costly mistakes and re-dos later on.

Commerical & Business Filtration Options

Just because two businesses need and use water, doesn’t mean they have the same water needs. We can customize filtration systems to suit your business’s needs. Whether you’re in the food service, beverage industry, brewing or in any other industrial setting, our experienced team works with you to find the right combo of filters and treatments systems for your water problems. We offer a wide range of filters, deionization systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more.

You can depend on Blankenstein’s for customized industrial and commercial water systems from individual filters or a complete commercial water filtration setup, ensuring your water is always crystal-clear and clean.

Need A Maintenance Plan?

With affordable service contracts, our expert service can keep your water system, well, or pool looking and working great year after year. In addition, we have a full parts department and trained, top-notch repair crew.

Pool & Water Purification Chemicals

We carry a full line of respected and trusted brand names, such as E-Z Clor, Pool Logic, Pool Season, PoolStyle, Regal, Refresh Shock and Sanitize, Sustain, Shockwave, and more.

Best pool builder in Mississippi–Hands Down!! Their great personal service and imaginative solutions helped make my dream pool come to life. Their maintenance service has helped keep it looking great, year after year.

I just love my custom pool and outdoor kitchen! Don and the team at Blankenstein’s transformed my little ol’ backyard into the place to be each summer for family cookouts and pool parties. It’s great!

Financing is Available

The backyard pool of your dreams shouldn’t be out of your price range. We offer easy financing to help you make a big splash without breaking the bank or your monthly budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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